NPS has proved over the last 40 years that we are one of the most reliable and successful API and FDF distribution companies in the industry.
Our impeccable track record speaks for itself and our traditional history serves as a strong foundation on which to grow to the next level of service and commitment.
We provide a world class service to our clients as we Prospect, Source, Commercialize and Distribute API’s and FDF’s from all over the world. NPS’s relationship with traders and manufacturers create a vast contact network built over decades of experience making all of our clients goals not only attainable but a secure success.
These services are amongst some of the few that we offer:
Sourcing of Specific Products.
Guarantee that the Products Specifications will comply with our client pre-requisites.
Supply of all pertinent Regulatory documents.
International Sourcing
We have a vast list of API y FDF’s covering all Therapeutic classes – including last generation products. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to get our latest updated product list.
Logistics and Warehousing
The trust our clients place in our services is based on NPS’s strict logistic and warehousing policies which contribute to a problem free solution seemingly integrating into their production processes.
A Key area in the industry for our regulated and semi-regulated markets is that we provide the appropriate support to our clients so they can amend and prepare the documents to comply with the strict regulatory agencies in our strategic markets . Our focus relies on providing the necessary skills to reduce the registration process of Dossiers and DMF’s so our clients can be first to market.
Contact Us if you would like an updated API and FDF list of products.

Therapeutic Segments

a) Antihypertensive
b) Anti-hypercholesteremic
c) Oral and Injectable Antibiotics
d) Analgesics
e) Antidiabetics
f) Diuretics
g) Oral and Injectable Anticoagulants
h) Anti-inflammatory
i) Antipyretics
j) Muscle Relaxants
k) Anesthetics and Reversers