NPS offers a wide range of services that support your business from the very start; prospecting, sourcing, commercialization of the API/FDF’s/OTC, logistics, warehousing, regulatory affairs, amongst others.
The Key of our success is based on the synergy our professional staff from our commercial, scientific, and regulatory departments have in searching and developing unique products that contribute to the well being of the whole community.
International Sourcing
Our portfolio is composed of various API´s and FDF’s from different therapeutic classes including the latest most recent products. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us, our Professional Staff will be more the happy to look after you.

By prospecting, sourcing and distributing pharmaceutical items for our clients from the best international manufacturers and traders in the world we reduce lead times throughout the supply chain as well as in the registration process. NPS guarantees our clients that analytical and technical information from our partners will always be 100% complete and readily available to them, for their safety and success.
Our Logistics department works day-in and day-out to ensure our client receives their products in the stipulated timeframes while respecting and complying to the diverse and stringent international standards and rules & regulations. We source from world class Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Traders located in three different continents.

While maintaining product integrity and complying with international standards and laws, we are constantly looking for new and efficient solutions on how to deliver products to our customers.
We offer all options available:
Logistica Air
Logistica Sea
Logistica Land
Logistica Consolidated Shipments
Logistica Just In Time deliveries
NPS works with strict warehousing policies, this enables clients to produce without having to worry about the supply of the product. NPS offers different type of supplies; from “Just In Time” (JIT) deliveries to supplying against Purchase Orders.
JIT assures the client the maintenance of a Security/Safety level of stock for the requested products which translates to a no overstock situation or the dreaded lack of product scenario. Moreover, NPS has one of the quickest “lead times” to market, another reason why NPS should be the number one option as a partner to your business.

NPS has warehouses in different countries to assure our clients the best service possible:
Almacenamiento Germany
Almacenamiento Brazil
Almacenamiento Uruguay
Almacenamiento UAE
“Controlled substances” are an everyday issue with our stringent Regulatory Agencies. NPS has the unique advantage of holding a sanitary permit from the Regulatory Agencies for these Controlled Items. This provides countless benefits to our clients; from resolving logistics and bureaucratic issues, to giving our clients the possibility of relying on an NPS “quota” which, not only maximizes our clients sales by having extra stock if sales spike but also if there is a problem with the supply chain of such complicated items.
Our prime goal is to reduce unnecessary delays on the registration process of the DMF and Dossiers. Our Regulatory Affairs Team has vast experience and “know how” to fast track registrations and provide the assurance that once the documentation is submitted to the local sanitary authorities, the same is accepted.

NPS will provide assistance to our clients by liaising with Key Opinion Leaders which provide a unique insight and a competitive edge by guiding and abiding to the latest exigencies form the Regulatory Agencies where the product will be registered and commercialized. For instance, a specific Stability Study required for a Specific Zone. We support our clients with the most complicated technical difficulties (Formulation and/or Analytical) as well as by identifying the Supplier that has the pertinent documentation in place to attend the Regulatory aspects each country or jurisdiction require.

The Regulatory Documentation is composed by:
Regulatorio Drug Master File (DMF) for API’s.
Regulatorio Dossiers for Final Dosage Forms (FDF).
Regulatorio Patents and Licenses.
Our clients can contact us to obtain selected information regarding new product releases as well as market information that can help you determine your business strategy to maximize efforts and results.